Fix Hotmail out of date error | Resolve the date issue on Outlook

Many PC owners use Outlook as an email service, but problems can sometimes arise with it. Windows 10 users report that their Outlook account settings are out of date and today we’ll show you how to fix it.

How to Resolve Out Of Date Error | Easy Guide

  • Click the Repair button: According to users, you can easily solve the problem with just one click of a button. When the message Your Outlook account settings are out of date, click on it. This will open the mail application. You should see the same message but this time also a correct Account button. Click the button and Windows 10 will try to fix it. After doing so, the problem should be completely resolved.
  • Sign in with your Microsoft account: If you have a Microsoft account, be sure to use it to log in to Windows 10. If you are using the local password or a PIN, this or another similar problem may occur. To correct the message Outlook account settings are obsolete, log out of Windows 10 and log in with your Microsoft account.
  • Verify your password: The message Your Outlook account settings are out of date may appear if you recently changed your Outlook password. If you changed the password online, the Mail application will not use the new password and you will not be able to connect to Outlook. To fix this, be sure to update your password in the Mail application and check if the problem resolves itself.
  • Turn off internet time: According to users, the message Outlook and account settings are out of date may appear if the clock is incorrect or if you use Internet time synchronization.
  • Add a PIN to the PC: Many users set a PIN to protect their accounts from unauthorized access. In fact, some users have reported that they have been able to solve the problem by trying to add a PIN to their account.
  • Install the latest updates: Microsoft frequently releases new updates, and many of these updates resolve hardware and software problems. If you get the message Your Outlook account settings are out of date, you may be able to fix it by installing the latest updates. Windows 10 automatically downloads updates, but if necessary, you can also manually check for updates.
  • Change the time synchronization server: If you receive an outdated Outlook account configuration message, you can resolve it simply by changing the time synchronization server.
  • Disable the PIN: Although PIN-based access is useful, it can cause some problems. One of these problems is the message Outlook inloggen account settings are out of date.
  • Disable some types of notifications: This is a simple solution that can be useful for some users. This solution will not solve the problem but will prevent the message from being displayed. The Outlook account settings are not updated. To delete this message permanently, simply right-click on one of these notifications and choose the option to not receive notifications from this application of Gmail accedi.

Delete your Outlook account and add it again: If you receive the message Your Outlook account settings are out of date, you may be able to resolve it simply by removing your timmail account from the Mail application.

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