Comic Walker Returns with 200+ Titles!!

Comic Walker is a software that helps fans of digital comics access their favorite titles by scanning their bookshelves for old and new comic issues. Unlike the human-powered Comic Book Database, Comic Walker doesn’t have any limitations on what it can find. This leads to a searchable database of over 200,000 volumes and over 3000 unique comic books in the collection. Now, after about 6 years of scanning shelves, all this data is available in one program!

Comic Walker Returns with 200+ Titles!!


The Comic Walker is back! This time with 200 comics covering a range of topics. From politics to celebrity scandals, the blog will appeal to readers of all ages and interests. You can even find yourself in the spotlight with some of the comics on this blog! After a 3 year break from uploading comics, comic Walker has returned with a 200 Titles! This is the best giveaway you’ll ever see.

How to submit a comic

One of the most important aspects of Comic Walker is being able to share your comic with the world. No matter if you are a newcomer to comics or are a veteran, you can let your voice be heard through a submission to our website. It’s easy- just follow these steps: If you are thinking about drawing a comic or some type of story for Comic Walker like, here is a list of comics that already exist! If you want to submit your own comic, the process is very easy. Just click on the Comic submenu and find your category. Then, just click on “Submit a comic!” and follow the step-by-step instructions. The most important part of submitting your comic is naming it, so please be sure to read this part carefully!


ComicWalker is BACK!!! ComicWalker has been hard at work with 200 new titles in their Summer Preview! You can get your hands on these titles on Wednesday, July 31st, from 10AM-5PM. A list of 200 titles created by the Comic Walker. Comic Walker is back and bigger than ever! With over 200 titles to choose from, you’ll be able to find a comic that suits your tastes. We’ve added with some new features too: the new “Graphic Novels” tag lets you browse books with lavish illustrations and high production values, while our new “Comic Recommendations” feature will allow you to follow the recommendations of other ComicWalker readers.

A Day in the Life of Comic Walker

No one will ever know how hard it was for Comic Walker to make this list. The list includes titles like:
“What If I Turned Myself Into A Comic?”, “Superman and Batman in the Twilight Zone”, “Alaia’s Pliegan: Postmodern Adventures with a Pastiche of the Classics”, “Zoo-Kicker! Season One”. There are also some great titles such as: “When All We Had Was The Golden Age Of Comic Books”, “The Monster Grew Up In The Middle Of Pennsylvania” and my personal favorite, “America’s Most Wanted Tattoo Artist”.

What’s Happening At Comic Walker???

Comic Walker is excited to announce that it’s back and better than ever with some amazing new features. Comic Walker is the ultimate destination for comic lovers worldwide, boasting a library of over 200,000 comics. Comic Walker is back with 200 new titles, and a 25% off sale for all of June! Comic Walker is going to be celebrating the month of June by putting everything on sale for the month, including graphic novels, toys, trading cards, and more. For those who’re interested in checking out what’s happening at Comic Walker this month- check out their Instagram page.

Wrap Up

It’s been a while since the last time Walker has posted, but he finally returned with an amazing 200 titles that are new and old. He likes to read comics and this is his way of giving back! There are great titles that range from Archie, What If?, The Walking Dead, Spider-Man, Batman, Iron Man, and many more!